Explore the Milwaukee Urban Water Trail

The Milwaukee Urban Water Trail is a canoe and kayak route through urban portions of the Milwaukee, Menomonee, and Kinnickinnic Rivers that provides over 60 miles of river access and paddling opportunities to the 1.5 million people in the Greater Milwaukee Metropolitan Area. The Water Trail also connects paddlers to over 60 miles of lakefront access sites along the coasts of Ozaukee and Milwaukee County.

Paddling the Milwaukee River

The Milwaukee River runs through many of our communities in Southeast Wisconsin, and is often overlooked. Many city dwellers may drive or walk over the river every day, without much thought. But this amazing river–with 500 miles of perennial and 400 miles of intermittent streams–really should get more credit. Many Wisconsinites drive for hours to paddle in northern Wisconsin, when they can paddle a beautiful river in their own backyards!

Paddling the Kinnickinnic River

The Kinnickinnic River Watershed is the most urban in the State, and many miles of river were channelized and lined with concrete, so paddling opportunities are limited to the lower reaches of the river. The Kinnickinnic River has a wonderful history of boat building and commercial fishing, and remnants of that time can still be found on any paddle upstream.

Paddling the Menomonee River

The Milwaukee Urban Water Trail starts in the Menomonee Valley and runs downstream until the confluence with the Milwaukee River, running past several breweries and restaurants. It’s fun to paddle the Menomonee River canals–the South Menomonee and Burnham Canals–that are still largely industrial but offer opportunities to birdwatch and seek solitude within this urban wilderness.

Milwaukee Urban Water Trail Facts

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